Barack Obama Sings Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' At Election Fundraiser (VIDEO)

WATCH: Barack Obama Sings Al Green, Is Ridiculously Cool

Apollo Theatre, Harlem, New York City, Thursday 19 January. Barack Obama is on stage as part of a fundraiser for his re-election campaign. He starts singing.

He starts singing Al Green's Let's Stay Together, in fact, in an impressive falsetto voice. "I'm so in love with you...", he croons, before joking with his team backstage that no-one believed he'd actually do it.

Yes, yes indeed, that actually, genuinely happened - arguably the coolest thing any US President has ever done on the campaign trail, ever.

It comes just a few days after another exceptionally awesome thing he did - making a happy birthday video for Golden Girls actress, Betty White, for her 90th. In it, he asks to see her birth certficate because he she looks so good he can't believe she's actually that old.

It reminds us of another great moment to be an Obama fan, when back in 2007 he appeared on US chat show Ellen and danced like an absolute boss.

Come on David Cameron, it's time to step up to the plate. We demand to see you dance to The Bee Gees and sing a bit of Elton John, pronto. Your integrity on the world political stage is at stake here, man!


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