Man Arrested For Attempted Murder After Fuel Tanker Crashes Into Bungalow In Dorset

Fuel Tanker Crashes Into Bungalow In Dorset

Police have arrested a man for attempted murder after a fuel tanker smashed into a bungalow in Dorset and set it ablaze as onlookers watched in horror.

A 51-year-old man from Yeovil was arrested not far from the incident in the town of Wool.

The police said that the man knew the occupant of the bungalow.

Around 30 firefighters were called to the blaze, which swept through the house after the tanker smashed through the front windows of the house on Folly Lane at about 8.40am.

The fuel caught fire and set the house ablaze, but while the bungalow sustained "significant damage" there were no immediate reports of any injuries.

"The female occupant is safe and well," police said in a statement.

Local media reported that officers were hunting the driver of the tanker.

The tanker driver is believed to have left the scene following the collision, police said.

Pictures released by the fire service show the tanker had crashed into the front of the bungalow smashing through the front wall and a set of windows.

The front door of the bungalow has been removed and the blaze can be seen to have ripped through the house out towards the back garden.

A large red Watson Fuels tanker is backed away from the home leaving tyre tracks across the front garden.

A spokeswoman for Watson Fuels said they were unable to comment.

The independently-owned company is based in Brinkworth, Wiltshire and was formed in 1957 with just one tanker.

It has since grown to a fleet of more than 280 tankers with over 40 depots throughout England.

The woman who lives in the bungalow was named locally as Christine Billington, who is thought to be in her 50s.

She is believed to have run a dog-grooming business, Paw Prints, which is registered at the address in Folly Lane.

Neighbour Mary Furze, 80, who has lived in the lane for 42 years, said the area was usually "very quiet and peaceful" and the first she knew about what happened was when she saw black smoke billowing across the road.

"There was ever such a lot of smoke," she said.

"They are next to us but there is a little road between us and we have high bushes. It wasn't until I noticed the black smoke blowing across the road that I thought 'What's up?'

"We are very lucky - there could have been an explosion from the sounds of it."

She said she did not speak to Billington often but she would see her out in the lane, walking dogs.


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