Peter Hain, Shadow Welsh Secretary, Fined Three Points After Being Caught Speeding

Hain Caught Out

Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has been fined and had three penalty points on his driving licence after being caught speeding.

The Neath MP was recorded doing 35 miles per hour in a 30mph zone on the A4109 in the Neath Valley, south Wales, at around 8.30am on June 12 last year.

Hain did not attend yesterday's hearing at Neath Magistrates Court, officials confirmed.

He pleaded guilty, by post, to speeding.

However, the former UK cabinet minister said he was "baffled" to receive a summons when he had not had a penalty notice in the post.

In a letter read out by a legal adviser in court, Hain said: "It is the first I have heard of a speed offence as I have received no penalty notice through the post."

The 61-year-old Labour politician said he would have replied "straight away" and paid the fine immediately, had he received one.

"I do not understand why I have received this summons without having had the penalty notice in the same way first. It is baffling," he added.

Magistrates fined Hain £233, ordered he pay costs of £35 as well as imposing a victim surcharge of £15.

They also imposed three penalty points.


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