Whisky And Water Shot Glass Trick (VIDEO)

WATCH: Brilliant Whisky And Water Shot Glass Drink

Confronted with a shot glass of whisky - or whiskey if you're from the Ireland and/or The USA - and most people will do one of two things: shlock it down in one, or make excuses about a stomach ulcer or something else that prevents said shlocking.

But Vimeo user Casey Neistat isn't like most people - he likes to perform an elaborate science experiment... then sling the shot of whisky down his gullet.

Executing a near-flawless whisky and water shot glass manoeuvre on camera, he's produced an online how-to guide that not only teaches you a brand new party trick, but also includes dirty playing cards of ladies in the nude.

Because of this, it's perhaps not a clip to be watched at work - that's right, this is a NSFW alert - but if you get the chance, and don't have the boss looking over your shoulder, it's definitely worth a look.

And for more bar tricks, get out four brilliant ones here below, all hosted by a very nice Danish man - just the way you like it.


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