23/01/2012 06:47 GMT

Indiana Pacers' Mascot Breaks Basketball Backboard At High School Game (VIDEO)

The students at New Palestine High School, Indiana, were expecting a lot from the Indiana Pacers' mascot Boomer when he came to town this weekend.

But one thing they weren't expecting the man in a massive cat suit to do was break their gym's basketball backboard - as impressive as it looks on camera.

Forcing the high school game to move to a smaller, alternative gym, the glass-shattering trick catches everyone off guard - Boomer included.

What's especially impressive about the trick is that it manages to break the glass, the rim itself and the net too. Nice work, that giant cat!

For an alternate view, check out another angle below - and remember kids, don't try this a home! Seriously, don't, it'll become a very painful, very expensive hobby very quickly.