'Celebrity Big Brother': Denise Welch At Centre Of New Row After Prank Goes Wrong

After a fairly harmonious few days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the mother of all fights has broken out in the Elstree compound.

Denise Welch is at the centre of a new controversy after a night partying with Nicola McLean and Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon turned sour.

It all started as Big Brother played music into the house when the the Loose Women presenter jokingly tugged on Karissa's pyjama bottoms as they danced on the sofas.

At first the Playboy model seemed to laugh off the prank and began dancing again, before proclaiming to her twin, "I don't know if I'm cool with that."

As Denise tried to apologise, the model stormed outside to tell Frankie and Romeo.

As the former X Factor star stuck up for Denise, Karissa retorted: "I'm a reserved person. I don't got around flashing my t*ts and flashing my arse."

Says the Playboy model who has done a naked centrefold.

However, things later kicked off between pals Denise and Nicola, as the former glamour model put her tuppence worth in.

As tempers continued to fray, the argument escalated when Nicola slated Denise for her topless jacuzzi with Frankie: "I was a page three girl for a lot of years, and you flash your boobs openly on telly and you're cool with that? I'm not."

The Benidorm actress did not take the criticism lying down telling Nicola: "I've had a lot of things I've wanted to say to you over the last couple of days. I've kept it in there for the sake of the house."

As Nicola pressed for her to "go on and say it", the Loose Woman told her "she wasn't like her", before a fuming Nicola responded: "All I'm saying is I'm not comfortable with showing my body on telly!"

An indignant Denise hit back at the decision Nicola made in a task earlier in the week: "Well I'm not comfortable with you pressing the buzzer without consulting anyone else whether they want their letters from home or not!"

As the rowing housemates turned to Gareth for support, the rugby player refused to get involved and the night reportedly ended with Nicola banging on the front door screaming to be let out.


According to Big Brother's Bit On The Side host Jamie East, the full, unedited story will air on tonight's show and he compares it to Big Brother 5's infamous Fight Night.

Something tell us poor Denise could be just one small piece of chalk away from doing a Vanessa Feltz...

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.