Heidi Klum And Seal Announce Marriage Split – Plus What We Can Learn From Celebrity Divorces

Celebrity Divorces: Heidi Klum And Seal End Marriage

While we’re not even through to the end of the first month of 2012, the second high-profile divorce has hit the headlines – and this time it’s Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum and husband of seven years, singer Seal.

Weeks after Katy Perry and Russell Brand filed for divorce, Heidi and Seal released a joint statement ending their marriage, blaming their split on them simply “growing apart”.

“While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul-searching, we have decided to separate,” the statement said.

“We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship. This is an amicable process and protecting the well being of our children remains our top priority.”

The couple have three children together – Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and two-year-old Lou, as well as Heidi’s daughter Leni, 7, from her previous relationship.

The split has come as a surprise to many, as the couple were the envy of Hollywood with their seemingly rock solid relationship. They even renewed their wedding vows each year on their anniversary.

So, with three children involved, what will the next step for Heidi and Seal be?

“A UK court would regard this seven year marriage as being relatively short-lived and this would inform their conclusions regarding the division of marital assets,” explains Amanda McAlister, a partner and the National Head of Family Law at Russell Jones and Walker.

“However, it has been suggested Heidi will file for divorce in California which is a community property state, meaning property, real or personal, wherever situated, acquired by a married person during the marriage while domiciled in the state is community property. Therefore the court will divide the community estate of the parties equally.

“The couple have children together, so there will be maintenance to be considered. Californian law states that both parents of a minor child have an equal responsibility to support their child in the manner suitable to the child's circumstances. It’s known that Heidi’s career has been in the ascendency during the period of the marriage – reputably earning $12M last year - and thus she may be vulnerable financially.

“California recognises the legal validity of prenuptial agreements however so if the couple drew up such an agreement then things might be very different.”

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