25/01/2012 08:22 GMT | Updated 26/03/2012 06:12 BST

Amazing 3D Drawing Of A Baby

Strangely beautiful or a little bit creepy? Cloud Of Lines, this 3D artwork series by Robin Kosnas, is producing a mixed response as it is picked up by art blogs around the internet.

In it a baby is depicted still attached to its umbilical cord, which is wrapped around a fork.

Intended by the artist as comment on the 'ruthless nature of consumerism', Nip in the Bud seems at once peaceful and ominous.

But it is the process of how this and Kosnas' other image - a pair of hands clutched in prayer - were made that is perhaps the most interesting.

"With the aid of a motion-tracking device, every hand-drawn line in space is traced and stored as digital data," he explains.

"The result is a three-dimensional drawing consisting of thousands of lines."

What do you think of Kosnas's 3D art?