25/01/2012 04:22 GMT

Ex-Oasis Star Tony McCarroll To Sell The Drum Kit Used On 'Definitely Maybe'

Former Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll is set to sell the kit he played on the band's debut album Definitely Maybe after keeping it in his garage for years.

The percussionist left the band in 1995, a year after their first record became a smash hit, and he sued the group for a slice of their fortune in a case which was later settled out of court.

McCarroll is now looking to make a profit from his days in Oasis by selling the drum kit he used on tracks such as Supersonic and Rock 'n' Roll Star after hearing football superstar Wayne Rooney was interested in buying it.

He tells The Sun: "I've never taken advantage of the Oasis connections over the years. There have been a lot of offers and opportunities but I just never felt the need to...

"I heard a rumour Wayne Rooney was interested in buying the drum kit and thought that might be better than leaving it in storage. It has been locked away for years with all my old discs, so it's getting dusted down now...

"It's all up for auction. If this rolls out, well I'll be giving part of the proceeds to a music-related charity too."

Fans can bid for the drum kit through McCarroll's Facebook.com page.