One In Ten Employees Has Had Sex In The Office

Your office CCTV cameras could make for more interesting viewing than you might think as a survey reveals that one in ten employees has had sex in their office building.

And it wasn’t just a one-off for some as 7% confessed they indulge in desktop dalliances on a regular basis.

Men were the most enthusiastic about out-of-hours liaisons with almost half (44%) saying they would consider having sex at work, compared to just 27% of women.

Of those who admitted to "relations" at work, the most popular location was the employee's own desk (38%), with other settings including the meeting room (14%), the car park (12%), toilets (8%) and the boss' desk (5%). Unsurprisingly, the majority (94%) occurred outside of normal office hours.

Human Resources partner at Maris Interiors, Claire Walker says: "For the 11% of people having sex in their office, I would recommend trying not to get caught.

You may well be in breach of your employment contract if you're thought to be bringing the company's reputation into disrepute. And even if your job is safe, it will make for pretty embarrassing chats around the water cooler."

The peak time for after-hours shenanigans is presumably Christmas given that one in four Brits gets frisky under the mistletoe at the office Christmas party.