27/01/2012 15:27 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beauty Look Of The Week: Vanessa Paradis Vs Kate Moss

This week, the two queens of cool go head-to-head on the beauty front.

vanessa-paradis-kate-moss Vanessa Paradis in Paris and Kate Moss at her Mango campaign launch. Photos: PA

Vanessa Paradis wowed us with her rock chick style at the premiere of Cafe de Flore in Paris this week. Her smoky eye makeup contrasted with her fresh, dewy complexion and soft lip colour, but our favourite thing about her look had to be her twisted curls. Only Paradis makes grungy look chic.

However, if there was one star we were struck by this week, it was the one and only Kate Moss. She was glowing with sunkissed skin and softly curled hair at the launch of her Mango ad campaign in London. This is the best Moss has looked in a long time.

We asked our beauty blogger friends to share their opinions below. See what the experts have to say and don't forget to let us know who gets your vote!

MyDaily HQ: We love this sultry look on Paradis, but as we haven't stopped talking about Ms. Moss's polished style all week, she snatches out vote.

British Beauty Blogger: They're both doing a very sultry look but in a completely different way. Kate's eyes look feline and it looks as though she has some eye flicks going on to accentuate that; Vanessa has gone all out with a super-sexy smoked up eye and plenty of kohl. Vanessa's choice of lip colour is absolutely perfect - it would have been the easier option to go red for this look but because she's chosen more of an orange toned lip, it's created an overall effect that is both unusual and very complimentary.

Of Faces and Fingers: Both Vanassa and Kate are rocking the dewy skin look, which I personally love, and can be so hard to get right. Vanessa has chosen to contrast her fair skin with smoky eyes and a pop of colour on the lips, while Kate has decided to go for the totally nude look, with neutral, flesh-like colours used on the lips and eyes. Both are great looks and very classic, so it really boils down to a matter of personal choice - for me, I always love a pop of colour somewhere to add interest to the face, so I personally prefer Vanessa's look.

Makeup4All: It is interesting to see Vanessa wearing a rock chick inspired look and, while I think the lipstick and blush look great on her complexion, the eyes could be lighter in the inner corner and not so intense. In my opinion, more subtle looks fit Vanessa perfectly!

As for Kate, the sun-kissed glowing skin makes her look gorgeous. The warm toned lipsticked, bronze-coloured eye makeup and her golden locks are a win-win combination which makes her look effortless and chic at the same time.