Katie Price Wins Cambridge Union University Debate Against The Lady's Rachel Johnson

Katie Price has triumphed in a highbrow debate at Cambridge University, defending women's ability to juggle a successful career and family life against magazine editor Rachel Johnson.

Price, also known as Jordan, gave a 10 minute speech in front of 800 students at the university, which secured her a landslide victory of 497 votes to 39, with 51 abstentions, The Daily Mail reports.

Businesswoman and mother-of-three Katie admitted she wasn't particularly clever at school but insisted: "You have to be realistic... it's all about reaching your goals."

The former glamour model joked: "If you play Trivial Pursuit with me I will definitely lose."

She added: "I've made lots of mistakes, but I have got no regrets apart from the Eurovision, I don't know what I was thinking."

But she told students her life motto is, "there is no such thing as can't, because I can".

There were gasps from the audience during Rachel Johnson's speech when she commented: "The sky is the limit or in your case a 10-part series on Sky called Katie."

President of the Cambridge Union, Katie Lam, said: "I decided to invite Katie Price because she's a prominent public figure who is very popular among and represents the aspirations of a large number of women and girls in the UK, and I thought her perspective would be a valuable one to add to the debate."