28/01/2012 08:35 GMT | Updated 29/03/2012 06:12 BST

Frank Skinner Announces He Is To Be A Father At 55

Comic Frank Skinner has revealed he is to become a father at the age of 55.

The funnyman, who recently became the host of BBC2's Room 101, revealed his news to radio listeners this morning.

Skinner - who famously shared a flat for many years with fellow comic and Fantasy Football co-host David Baddiel - is expecting the child with long term partner Cath Mason, an agent.

He shared his news with Absolute Radio listeners as he celebrated his 55th birthday on air during his Saturday morning show.

Skinner spoke in hushed tones as he cleared his throat and said: "I have something of an announcement to make...I'm going to be a Father."

Co-presenter Alan Cochrane rushed to congratulate the star but quickly jibed: "Are you paranoid of any jokes you've made about ageing fathers in the past?"

Skinner - who topped the charts with England football team anthem Three Lions - responded: "David Jason - wasn't he 67? The way I'm seeing it is that I probably won't have to deal with those difficult teenage years.

"I've already made certain pledges. It means I'll be up for the show a lot earlier and things like that and what I'm saying to the listeners is - get knitting."

Skinner did not say when the baby is due.