30/01/2012 14:31 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Child Sent To School With A Smartie Sandwich

Smarties PA

Struggling with lunch-box ideas for your kids? Well here's one - how about a SMARTIE SANDWICH?

Not that smartie. But amazingly, one mum DID decide this made for an appropriate lunch, and duly dispatched her child to school with the sweets sandwiched between slices of bread.

Teachers at the school in Lincolnshire were unsurprisingly appalled, and the whole fiasco led to calls for an urgent overhaul in youngsters' diets.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, Lynne McNiven, assistant director of public health, said: "When we heard about the Smarties sandwich, it was horrifying. We went into the schools to have a look and found the children eating what I would class as picnics, the sort of lunch you might have once in a while as a treat, not everyday."

Lincolnshire is now trialling new healthy eating initiatives, including free school meals.

So, fess up, what is the worst lunch you've sent your child off to school with?