30/01/2012 14:24 GMT

Twins Rosie And Lucy Carleton Pass Driving Test On Same Day After Same Number Of Lessons

Teenage twins have taken their special connection to another level after passing their driving tests at exactly the same time, on the same day and after the same number of lessons.

Rosie and Lucy Carleton, 17, said they were delighted to have passed their test after being under a lot of pressure to pass at the same time.

The girls, who are in year 12 at St Katherine's School in Pill, Bristol, had their first driving lesson on their 17th birthday on November 18.

After just nine weeks and 30 lessons, from instructors at Keith's School of Motoring in Stapleton, the pair were ready to sit their tests.

The twins, from Stoke Bishop, booked themselves in for the nerve-wracking test which they took on January 20.

The sisters got behind the wheel at 3pm and successfully completed the practical with Rosie making just four minor errors, while Lucy picked up nine.

"Roundabouts were the hardest thing for me, and I just don't like them," Lucy told the Bristol Evening Post.

"I am pleased that we passed first time, I would have been upset if Rosie had passed and I hadn't."

Rosie added: "The hardest thing was parking. I can't park, and that was the move I had to do in my test. I am just glad I passed first time."

Mike Futcher, director of Keith's School of Motoring, who has been a driving instructor for 25 years, said: "I have never known anything like it.

"Everything seemed to fall in together - they started the same day, they had exactly the same number of lessons, they passed on the same day.

"With twins they often seem to be more like chalk and cheese.

"One tends to be completely different, one will fly ahead and the other will be slow and that often happens with identical twins, but these two seemed to do everything together.

"They have done very well to have passed so quickly and together."

The girls can now be seen driving identical blue Ford Kas - bought for them for their 17th birthdays - around the streets of Bristol.