31/01/2012 06:25 GMT

Divorced Men Are Twice As Likely To Remarry As Divorced Women

Divorced men are twice as keen to remarry as divorced women and more likely to get over their failed marriage and complicated break-up, new research has found.

The study of 2,000 adults, conducted to mark the DVD release of Crazy, Stupid, Love, found that 47% of divorced men are eager to wed again compared to just 20% of previously married women.

This suggests that divorced men are much more open to finding love - and a new wife - the study claims.

A further 42% of divorced men admitted they were so keen to get back on the dating scene, they would pay a 'pick-up artist' to chaperone them on a date, providing chat-up line techniques and date coaching.

Women were a little more laid back about flying solo with less than one in five considering doing the same thing.

Divorced men (31%) revealed that they’d tried internet dating following their marriage break-up, compared to 19% of women.

"Dating is a complicated game for men and more so for those who are starting all over again, having been off the dating scene for a number of years," says professional dating expert Mini Lane, as reported by the Daily Mail.

"This is why men turn to 'gurus' to help them learn how to dress and flatter their physique, as well as develop their body language."

Georgina Chase, a family lawyer at Russell Jones and Walker, told The Huffington Post: "The results of this survey don’t surprise me. We have male clients one might term as regulars; we’ve just acted for one gentleman in his third divorce.

"My experience as a divorce lawyer is that women are a lot more cautious about remarrying once they have been divorced. Men, however, appear very keen post-divorce to find a new girlfriend and often that girlfriend wants the security of marriage and will push for it.

"The man, despite having gone through a divorce himself, just rolls over and gets married again."

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