31/01/2012 03:52 GMT | Updated 31/03/2012 06:12 BST

One In Five Kids Access Inappropriate Websites On Mobile Phones

UK children are outwitting their parents to access inappropriate content on smart phones.

One in five UK children are accessing inappropriate websites on smart phones, according to a YouGov survey.

Smart phone retailer Carphone Warehouse found that 2.8 million or 25% of UK children aged 8-12 have smart phones, and more than one in five of those children admitted to accessing websites that they know are not for them.

1010 children aged 8-15 year-olds took part in the survey, and he majority, 87%, said they know that they do not have parental restrictions on their mobile phones.

Professor Tanya Byron, author of The Byron Review: Safer children in a digital world, said in a statement: “The online world is incredibly fascinating and exciting to explore, with huge opportunities for learning, communicating, playing and being creative.

However just as in the real world, alongside the opportunities, there are potential risks for young people. With a digital divide existing between generations, and with only 13% of children having the correct parental restrictions installed on their phone, it’s important we enable parents to support, educate and, as necessary, protect their children."

She weIt is also important parents develop an honest communication with their children so that they can support them to be responsible digital citizens and help them with any worries or concerns that should arise.”