Breastfeeding Mums To Protest At Facebook's Australian Offices

Breastfeeding Mums To Protest At Facebook's Australian Offices


A group of outraged women in Australia are planning to protest at Facebook's Sydney office after breastfeeding mums had their accounts suspended when they posted pics of themselves nursing.

Lucy Allen, 21, had her account deactivated for two days when she put up a shot of her breastfeeding and expressing at the same time.

She was told the image was in 'breach of their terms of use'.

Ms Allen said she had put up the picture to show other women that pumping milk and feeding at the same time could help stimulate milk production. She said she had shared the image to "give new mothers a visual example of how it's done."

She has since re-posted the pic on her page and so far it has not been removed.

Facebook's rules say that images must not be hateful, pornographic, contain nudity or incite violence, but it also reserves the right to move images that infringe or violate others' rights or the law.

Ms Allen's experience prompted a group of women to start the campaign group Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!

The women hope their 'Boob Out' protest at Facebook's offices will stop the organization branding breastfeeding pics as sexually explicit or pornographic.

Another angry mum, April Bevin, 24, mum told that she was partly 'furious' and part 'upset' by the her pics being removed.

She said: "To me it's just a normal part of my everyday life. My kid was just having lunch. It's just really frustrating and upsetting and I think for a lot of other women they feel shamed. Here they are just doing a normal everyday thing and they're told they're performing sexually explicit and pornographic acts."

Other mums have also fallen foul of Facebook's picture regulations - a pregnant mum recently had her nude Demi Moore inspired snaps removed, while an image of a little girl pretending to breastfeed her doll was branded obscene and also taken down

Facebook told that breastfeeding photos were only ever removed after they had been brought to the social networking site's attention by other users who report them as violations.

What do you think? Do you support women posting breastfeeding pics, or do you think it is just too much?