'Donkeyotee' The Singing Donkey Hee-Haws Along With His Violin-Playing Owner (VIDEO)

WATCH: Meet 'Donkeyotee' The Singing Donkey

A tip of the hat to Alicia of Moonlit Oaks Ranch, Keystone Heights, Florida. She's the kind of woman who names her pet donkey 'Donkeyotee', after all.

When she gets the chance, she also likes to practise her violin-playing in front of said donkey, and the resulting YouTube video is quite simply... marvellous. Singing-donkey marvellous, in fact.

Sure, Alicia's isn't all that good at playing the violin, and Donkeyotee is no Frank Sinatra, but the two together produce an altogether unforgettable sound.

It's almost as good as that medolica cover of the Jurassic Park theme we showed you the other day. Almost.

What makes this video all the more adorable is the story behind Donkeyotee. It turns out he was a rescue donkey, looked after and cared for by Alicia after his previous owners didn't feed him properly.

What's more, this video is the first time Alicia played her violin in front of him - so the noise Donkeyotee emits is as much of a surprise to her as it is to us.

The question is - is he better than Donkey from Shrek? Here are Eddie Murphy's dulcet tones below so you can compare and contrast.


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