Ed Davey: The Minister Replacing Chris Huhne At DECC

Ed Davey Becomes Energy Secretary After Huhne REsigns

Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat business minister replacing Chris Huhne as energy secretary, began his career - like many politicians do - kissing babies.

That's according to Tricia Bamford, a councillor in Davey's Kingston constituency, who labelled him a "very safe pair of hands."

"When I first met him in 1996, my youngest was two. I made soup for our lunch and when Ed was talking my little one he told him he had brothers called Henry and Charles too. He's a very loyal, very able, very astute person," she told Huff Post UK.

"He's one of the nicest, most-down to earth people I've ever met."

Davey became an MP in 1997, as Labour swept to power in a landslide. The Lib Dem MP for Kingston and Surbiton's majority was just 56, but he has held his seat for over 14 years.

His talent was spotted almost immediately, and he took over the shadow treasury affairs brief. Davey has also been chief of staff to the party's former leader Sir Menzies Campbell and the a spokesperson for education and skills.

After the coalition was formed in May 2010, the married father of one became a minister. The 46-year-old has impressed in his role, particularly in his handling of the royal mail.


In January he helped secure a 10-year-deal between post offices and royal mail which would avoid mass closures.

Mark Pack, co-editor of grassroots blog Lib Dem voice told Huff Post UK he has been one of the best Liberal Democrat ministers.

"Not only running government business efficiently but doing so with a strong Liberal Democrat flavour, in particular in encouraging mutuals and cooperatives," he said.

"That's why he has seen his popularity amongst party members in the last year go up sharply."


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