Nasa Releases First Images Of Grail's Far Side Of The Moon (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Nasa Captures The Dark Side Of The Moon

Nasa's Moon "Grail" mission has brought back pictures of the far side of the moon, in a bid to teach mere earthlings the unknown side of our lunar orbiter.

The Grail (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) mission is one of the first to feature a imaging device, nicknamed "moonKAM" as it hopes to teach students about the dark side of the moon.

There are two dishwasher sized space craft mapping the moon's gravity, called Ebb and Flow, after schoolchildren won a competition to name the space probes.

Tidal locking means it's rugged mountainous surface is permanently obscured from human view. KAM stands for Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students.

This is an educational mission as well as a project to map the moon's gravity. Images taken from the moonKAM will allow children to zoom in on the "dark side of the moon" peppered with craters made by asteroids crashing into its side. This darker side of the moon is not sheltered by the earth.

"The quality of the video is excellent and should energise our MoonKAM students as they prepare to explore the moon," said Maria Zuber, Grail principal investigator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, in a statement accompanying the video's release.

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