03/02/2012 03:14 GMT

Lady Gaga's Family Restaurant Slated By Food Critic

It's only been open for two days but the knives are already out for the restaurant opened by Lady Gaga's parents.

Gaga's mum Cynthia and dad Joe opened the Italian eaterie Joanne Trattoria on Wednesday and despite banning press from the opening night, one food critic managed to sneak in and get a table but was left less than impressed.

In Steve Cuozzo's review in the New York Post - titled 'You'll Gag On The Food At Gaga's' - he said his starter of calamari was 'like leather' and 'the worst I've had', his pasta 'flaccid'. And his main dish of veal didn't fair any better, which he described as 'unspeakably fatty'. Ouch.

And it wasn't just the food that got a slating - he also said the 'clueless' waiting staff looked like they'd been 'plucked from the 'burbs'.

Gaga - who wasn't at the opening - took to Twitter on the first night to say how proud she was of her parents, writing: "I'm so proud of my parents! Tonight their restaurant opens in NY. Joanne Trattoria. My dad built with his two hands, mommy decorated."

The restaurant was created in memory of the 'singer's aunt Joanne who died when Gaga was just 19 from Lupus disease.