London's Latest Public Art: Six Three Tonne Heads

London's Latest Public Art: Six Three Tonne Heads

A circle of six massive stone heads were winched into place today as part of a new outdoor art installation.

The carvings, which weigh up to three tonnes each, have been put on show in Berkeley Square, central London.

Sculptor Emily Young said the work, made from volcanic stone from a quarry near her studio in Italy, was a mixture of nature's influence and "human reflections".

Young, the daughter of politician and former Labour peer Wayland Young, is reputed to be the inspiration behind the Pink Floyd song See Emily Play.

Her sculptures are on show in collections including the Imperial War Museum and a selection of recent work will be exhibited at the nearby Fine Art Society throughout February.

Sculptures in London have been causing controversy recently after two of the proposed Olympic artworks were criticised - below they've been finished.

Public art has also been the target of a series of thefts throughout the capital in recent months - though at three tonnes each, Young's heads should be relatively safe.


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