Madonna Goes Salsa Ahead Of Super Bowl Performance (VIDEO)

Is Madonna Singing At The Super Bowl, Or Playing?

Madonna may have got her critics spinning yesterday with her comments that fans should 'quit grumbling, start saving' to pay $300 to see her in concert - because she was 'worth it' - but she proved she's still got something with an impromptu salsa exhibition during her press conference ahead of her performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

During the conference, Madonna told reporters that a half-time gig during one of the world's most watched sporting events was "a Midwesterner Girl's dream".

It was a beefed-up Madonna showing off her musical and dancing talents ahead of her forthcoming tour and album release, in contrast to the more demure, almost shy version she's been presenting on the red carpet while she's been promoting her directorial effort W.E.

Her never-ending energy remains impressive even if, after 30 years of transformation, it should come as no real surprise. Watch Madonna in action above:


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