McCain Adverts That Smell Like Freshly Cooked Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potato Bus Advert That Smells Like The Real Thing

Potato maker McCain has unveiled its latest advert and is set to make commuters' mouths water with its 'scratch and sniff' concept - where the ads literally smell like freshly baked potatoes.

Commuters waiting at bus stops in London, Nottingham, Glasgow, York and Manchester will be treated 3D adverts that ooze the smell of baked potatoes with a press of a button.

To make the commute even better, the adverts will issue money-off vouchers for everyone who presses the button.

The smelly adverts are part of McCain’s new campaign celebrating the launch of their new frozen jacket potato and is the biggest ad campaign since the famous McCain Oven Chips in 1979.

The first of its kind, these 3D adverts work by containing a hidden heating element which keeps the image of the potato warm.

The potato aroma took three months to develop as they teamed up with a specialist scent lab to ensure they got the potato smell just right.

"3D jacket potatoes will appear at bus shelters across York, Manchester, London, Nottingham and Glasgow to heat up the nation and set taste buds tingling thanks to ground-breaking technology," a spokesman for McCain has said.

"When consumers press a button, a hidden heating element gently warms the potato and releases the mouth-watering aroma of a slow oven-baked jacket potato throughout the bus shelter."

The £1.4m campaign was created by advertising company JCDecaux. "McCain is using touch, smell and sight to create a 360-degree experience of Ready Baked Jackets on the street.

"The voucher dispenser is a media first and is a hugely exciting step, enabling brands to prompt purchases and interact directly with consumers as they go about their day."

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