08/02/2012 07:03 GMT

Dolphins Jump And Swim Alongside Florida Surfer (VIDEO)

Floridian Keith Overton was recording his son, Mitchell, wake board off the back of a boat recently. Not that big a deal, you might think... except that Mitchell was joined by a couple of unexpected friends - namely, two dolphins.

Leaping into the air then swimming beside him in the boat's wake, it's a truly glorious sight to see, with the teenage surfer visibly shocked by his suddenly-appearing companions.

The incident took place near St. Petersbrug Clearwater in the Gulf Of Mexico, and so it's the town's YouTube channel that's posted the video above, under the title of 'Surfing Dolphins on St. Pete Beach'.

But though it's undoubtedly one of our favourite dolphin videos of recent years, it ain't got a patch on this clip of some dolphins at Sea World, Orlando, playing with some bubble rings. Seriously, it's the cutest thing ever... to involve dolphin, anyway.