A $20,000 (£15,419) reward is being offered to anyone who can help solve the case.
The dolphins were spotted and filmed off the coast of southern California. The boat owner estimated more than 100 dolphins were there.
WWF is tracking pink river dolphins in the Amazon using satellite technology after scientists successfully tagged six river dolphins in Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia.
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The sea is full of hearts and minds. But it is a sad and often overlooked truth that our activities, especially those that
We know the images: colossal, glistening bodies, resting lifelessly on the shore, sometimes in the hundreds. Whale strandings
I'm flying out to Japan for a week. I'm going to head down to Taiji, watch, record proceedings on my camera phone, and make some homemade films on events in the Cove, doing my best to record what happens in an even-handed, respectful fashion.
Many of us enjoy a walk in the woods, a trip to the beach or even a snorkeling holiday. Besides the escape from the digital
The mammal is thought to be part of 'famous Moray family'.