01/06/2016 11:26 BST

Stranded Dolphin Rescued In Aberdeen, Scotland, After Woman's Sat Nav 'Messed Up'

The mammal is thought to be part of 'famous Moray family'.

A woman has thanked her Sat Nav after it "messed up" and directed her down the wrong road where she came across a stranded bottlenose dolphin. 

Lorraine Culloch came across the dolphin in the bay at Nigg, Aberdeen, and after struggling to get a phone signal, contacted rescue workers who then spent ten hours waiting for the tide to come in so they could re-float the mammal. 

Lorraine Culloch
The stranded dolphin Lorraine Culloch found in Nigg, Aberdeen, after her Sat Nav gave her the wrong directions

Culloch wrote on Facebook: "These amazing men and women stayed up all night waiting and monitoring the dolphin before wading out into cold deep water at 4am."

She said the rescue mission was a "huge success" with the dolphin last being sighted swimming "strong in an outwards direction".

Culloch said she later learned that the dolphin is part of the "famous Moray family" and was thought to be a four-year-old girl called Spirtle, "who we hope will reunite with her family". 

Lorraine Culloch
Rescue workers stayed with the mammal for ten hours before they were able to re-float her
Lorraine Culloch
The dolphin was last seen swimming into deeper waters