08/02/2012 08:43 GMT | Updated 08/02/2012 08:49 GMT

George Miedecke: Rally Driver Smashes Up Father's Classic Ford Capri During Tasmanian race (Pictures)

"Don't crash and don't come second," the last words of Andrew Miedecke as he waved off his son to race his classic Ford Capri in Tasmania, Australia.

As the pictures show, George Miedecke failed spectacularly to follow either of his worried father's instructions.

As the royal blue racing car rounded a tight corner on the dusty track, the 1971 Capri couldn't take the curve at Miedecke's daring 80mph speed.

Flying off the track, the Ford Capri Perana plunged headfirst into the muddy depths below.

Screams could be heard from the watching crowds as the car hits the brown water, its engine screeching as it zoomed through the air.

Neither Miedecke nor his fellow driver Daniel Willson were hurt in the accident.

The rally's event director Mark Perry told Australian newspaper The Mercury: “This is what we would call a spectacular crash.

"Even I looked at those crashes and though 'wow, it's amazing they walked away from that'."

The notoriously tricky corner had already seen a Subaru WRX STI overturned, which the Ford Capri then crashed into.

Miedecke, who is a Nascar driver in the US, had been loaned the car because his racing driver and car dealer father had been afflicted with a back injury in the days running up to the Targa Wrest Point rally.

The two-day rally for classic cars is a race held on 124-mile stretch of closed road in the Australian state of Tasmania.