09/02/2012 10:34 GMT | Updated 09/02/2012 10:45 GMT

'Harry Potter In 60 Seconds' Tells All JK Rowling's Tales In Exactly One Minute (VIDEO)

The 2012 Fake Film Festival is a Canadian competition that asks its entrants to recreate famous films in 60 seconds - a lot like Empire's Done In 60 Seconds awards, but, you know, Canadian.

The best of the bunch is this Harry Potter spoof, taking all eight movies and condensing them into a minute-long whole.

It's been made by the team over at the specially-created YouTube channel 'HPin60', featuring the acting talents of Ian Holliday (Harry himself) and Megan Gilron (a surpringly good Snape lookalike) as well as a lot of cotton wool.

You'll notice that it's got some pretty good special effects for an amateur production carried out by a bunch of teenagers, and there's one good reason why: the $10,000 cash prize for the winners. With that up for grabs, it's worth investing in a little extra movie magic, eh?

To vote for these Potter-heads, head to the 2012 Fake Film Festival website and tick the appropriate box. But be quick, as are only a couple of days to vote in left!

But over the many years Empire's Done In 60 Seconds competition has been going for, there are been more than a few gems in the sweded-in-under-a-minute film department - just take a look at this handy video gallery for proof.