09/02/2012 06:24 GMT

Thomas Czarnecki, From Enchantment To Down, Disney Heroines Meet Sticky Ends (PICTURES)

The life of a fairy tale princess always ends happily ever after – in Disney at least.

But French artist Thomas Czarnecki has reimagined the fate of our favourite cartoon heroines – with grisly results.

Entitled From Enchantment To Down, the series of pictures features the Little Mermaid…lying dead on a beach.

The cold, dead feet of Little Red Riding Hood poke out a dark barn door, her basket of apples lying scattered around her.

Cinderella meets a similarly grim fate – having plummeted down a flight of stairs, apparently breaking her neck.

And native American beauty Pochahontas is claimed by a huntsman and hauled into his trophy room.

Mr Czarnecki says he was inspired by the “naive universe and the innocence of the fairy tales' and a 'much darker reality that is as much part of our common culture'.

He said: “So many Disney characters embedded in the collective culture as sweet and innocent creatures that I decided to get out of their recognized fairy-tale frame and universe,” the Daily Mail reported.

Little Red Riding hood lies sprawled in a doorway - perhaps after an encounter with the Big Bad Wolf?

Washed up: The Little Mermaid's body rests on a deserted beach