Alaskan Husky Loves His Giant Hamster Wheel (VIDEO)

WATCH: Alaskan Husky Can't Get Enough Of His Massive Exercise Wheel

Alaskan huskies are sledging dogs, and as such, they love running. Seriously, they live to run. Run and run and run and run.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that huskies at the Husky Homestead sledding dog training centre at Denali National Park and Preserve, just north of Anchorage, Alaska, enjoy a go on their exercise wheels.

But we must admit we don't think we've seen anything or anyone love doing something so much as this wee husky loves running in his giant hasmter wheel. It's mesmerising, somehow, like a pendant being waggled in front of your face or a twisting, turning black hole. You know, in a way.

Of course it's not the first time a husky has appeared in a cute viral video - as this video gallery below undoubtedly proves...


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