10/02/2012 08:13 GMT | Updated 10/02/2012 08:16 GMT

Orville And Keith Harris 'Unlock A Chicken' In Giffgaff Hip-Hop Video

Keith Harris and his furry sidekick Orville have launched a rap single in a bid to help free battery hens.

The pair have teamed up with SIM only providerGiffGaff for it’s Unlock A Phone, Unlock A Chicken campaign.

The campaign launched this week and sees the firm working with Wood Green Animal Shelter in a partnership that will see battery hen chickens rehomed when new giffgaff SIM cards are activated.

Under the title K-Orville, Keith and Orville perform the rap CONtract in the Eminem-esque style video.

A giffgaff spokesman said: “giffgaff wants to be a force for positive change. We don't lock people into long contracts and we don't think battery hens should be locked up but instead re-homed. This campaign will not only liberate people tied to long mobile contracts but also raise awareness of battery chicken re-homing programs and who better to do that than the world's most iconic bird...oh and Keith."

Albion, the design agency behind the video, told Marketwire: "People on long mobile contracts are analogous to battery hens, laying profit for big mobile companies.

“We launched the idea of unlocking real battery hens through new SIM activations last year, and the giffgaff community loved it. We're now giving them shareable content to help get the chicken love out there. And yes we know - Orville is a duck."