10/02/2012 03:51 GMT | Updated 10/04/2012 06:12 BST

Steve Jobs FBI File: "His Moral Character Is Suspect"

A bomb threat, his former life on a commune with an LSD freak and a tendency to distort reality are just some of the details to emerge from Steve Jobs FBI files released to the public.

While many of the details in the 191-page report have been redacted, plenty of extra details have emerged to add colour to the story of one of the most famous entrepreneurs ever to have lived.

It's possible that some of the more telling comments could have come from his Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

A person who's name was redacted described Jobs as "not totally forthright and honest," and that he "has a tendency to distort reality in order to achieve his goals. Who else could know him so well?

The file also reads that a redacted person "added that although the Appointee [Jobs] is basically an honest and trustworthy person, he is a very complex individual and his moral character is suspect."

29 people were interviewed to check Jobs' background when he was being considered for a role in the president's office, and would likely have included Wozniak.

The file shows that Jobs was given top secret US government clearance between 1988 and 1990 during the Bush administration.

Jobs unique and abrasive management style was noted by many interviewed.

The file shows that the FBI tried to contact a woman who "had a baby born out of wedlock," with Jobs. Chris-Ann Brennan, Jobs' ex-girlfriend is well known to be the mother of Jobs' daughter Lisa.

The FBI released the documents after a Freedom of Information Act request was filed by Bloomberg New and other organisations. FBI files, including the deceased social security number, can be made public after a person's death, Bloomberg reports.