11/02/2012 10:45 GMT

Lana Del Rey, Secret Relationship With Kassidy Rocker Barrie James O'Neill

After months of is-she-isn’t-she rumours, it seems that Lana Del Rey is indeed seeing someone – and it is Glaswegian indie rocker Barrie James O’Neill.

The controversial Born to Die singer is secretly (not so secretly now) dating the Kassidy guitarist, according to The Mirror.

There were clues: Lana spent a lot of time in Glasgow and the indie band have taken to performing covers of Lana’s number one hit Video Games.

But a source this week confirmed: “The pair have known each other for ages, and have actually been dating on and off for around six months.

“They seem pretty smitten but because Lana’s career has taken off so dramatically they’re finding it increasingly hard to spend time together. As a result they spend a lot of time communicating over Twitter, Facebook and Skype.”

Lana Del Rey has rocketed to fame akin to Marmite, with fans loving her sultry voice and critics angry that she hushed up her real identity as millionaire’s daughter Lizzy Grant.

Kassidy on the other hand are yet to find commercial success, with NME awarding their album just two stars.