Adele's Grammy Performance: Star Steals Show With 'Rolling In The Deep' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Adele's Stunning Grammys Performance

Adele made a spectacular return to the stage at last night's Grammys as she belted out her award-winning soulful song Rolling In The Deep.

The British star, who captured the world's heart with an album about a broken romance, received a lengthy welcome-back standing ovation from her peers as she hit the high notes and proved her recent vocal chord surgery had not affected her voice.

Adele also emerged as the top winner at the 2012 Grammy Awards, picking up six trophies including the prestigious triple of record, song and album of the year.

The singer sobbed as she won the night's final award, album of the year, for 21. It was last year's top-selling album with more than six million copies sold.

Her victories tied her with Beyonce as the most wins by a woman in one evening.

"Mum, girl did good!" Adele shouted as she took the album of the year trophy.

SLIDESHOW: Adele's emotional night in photos:


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