13/02/2012 07:11 GMT | Updated 13/02/2012 07:28 GMT

Art With A Conscience: Alexi Torres' Woven Paintings

Free range eggs – check. Fair trade bananas – check. Organic art – huh? That’s right, your efforts to help the planet have been trumped by artist Alexi Torres, who pairs environmental concerns with art.

The Cuban born artist has captured iconic buildings and familiar faces in his unique style, painting as if each was woven by hand.

From portraits of Pablo Picasso and Oprah Winfrey through to the Guggenheim museum and historical events, each painting is created on an organic canvas and can take up to 8 weeks to complete.

Torres' work has been exhibited in Cuba and Atlanta, Georgia, where he now resides, and is a clear statement about organic trends and our environmental conscience.

As he explains on his personal site:

“My works are an answer to my own appreciation of Earth's needs. I reconstruct iconic images that represent both classic and modern times from all branches of human development, including the arts, politics, science, education and military.

“I create this by changing the context of the initial forms into ecological, fragile, ephemeral and natural elements; leaves, weaving, feathers and other elements formed in nature. With each element carefully constructed, I create a new image.”

We think Torres’ work is really effective, but what do you think? A good way of spreading the environmental message or just another art gimmick?

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