Victoria Beckham Cups David's Goldenballs In Cheeky H&M Poster Pose

Victoria Beckham has shown her cheeky side after posing next to a huge poster of husband David in which she appears to be groping his Goldenballs.

Posh, in New York for fashion week, took the opportunity to show her lighter side, after seeing Beckham's advert for H&M underwear.

The picture was posted to his official Facebook page, which quickly clocked up more than 18,500 "likes".

Fan Carina Allsop wrote on Facebook: "They say she is boring, and no personality up yours critics. One lucky lady you got the whole world in your hands lol best wishes from me x"

Another fan, Jones Deborah, wrote: "Good on ya victoria make me proud to be an english woman puttin the ladies on the map xx"