16/02/2012 12:57 GMT

Orangutans Lured Into iPhone Footage (VIDEO)

Ever-so-clever iPhone-owner Mark Rober works for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Cool job, right? Well, just wait till you see what he does in his free time.

As he succinctly explains in his new video 'Gorilla lured by iPhone - a how-to demo' on his 'onemeeeliondollars' YouTube channel, he sometimes likes to go to the zoo - but unlike most zoo visitors who just wave at the animals in their enclosures, Mark's got a clever trick to get orangutans and the like to get up close to his camera.

Discover... the 'gorilla-cam'. Made using a cheap mirror, a drill, some sticky tape and an iPhone, it allows animal appreciators to obtain stunning video footage of curious apes wandering over to the mirror at take a look at themselves - and the camera hidden behind it.

Why is it called a gorilla-cam? Because, um, that's what he calls it. Not because it's actually been used on gorillas. Weird, we know.

But as cool as this trick is, it gets better! Just think about it - what would happen if you pulled the same tricks on real humans? Find out in his video above - and for more awesome ape-based videos, check out our gallery below.