"Removing a candidate from the ballot under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is not something my office takes lightly," California's Democratic secretary of state previously said.
The California sea otter gave birth after evading capture from wildlife authorities for months.
The late-night host was back on the air for the first time in five months – and picked up right where he left off.
Some parts of the state were expected to get close to a year's worth of rainfall during the storm.
Prime minister pictured with wife Akshata Murty and their two daughters taking a stroll in Santa Monica.
Burbank police said the furry intruder was “beating the heat.”
The prime minister is taking his family to Disneyland.
Otter 841, a furry pirate with a surfboard fixation, is on the lam in California.
The interstate turnoff for California's Donner Lake apparently has dining options, which the lake's namesake pioneers might have appreciated.
The Room With a View actor had been missing since January.