Rishi Sunak Reveals He Is Going On Holiday To California

The prime minister is taking his family to Disneyland.
Rishi Sunak revealed on Wednesday that he's taking his family to Disneyland in California
Rishi Sunak revealed on Wednesday that he's taking his family to Disneyland in California

Rishi Sunak just revealed he’s going on holiday on Wednesday to California, where he’ll be taking his two daughters to Disneyland.

The prime minister, who claims to have not had a family holiday in years, was speaking to LBC when he said he was going to be jetting out of the country for some time off in just a few hours’ time.

Host Nick Ferrari began the holiday chat by asking Sunak: “When we first met in detail, it was around this time last year, during the hustings, you hadn’t had a holiday in three years.

“Are you going to get a holiday this year?”

The prime minister replied: “I’m actually going on holiday this afternoon, so the country will be left in the capable hands of the deputy prime minister.”

Oliver Dowden became the deputy PM back in April, after close Sunak ally Dominic Raab resigned over bullying allegations.

Sunak continued: “So we’re having our first proper family summer holiday in a few years for sure – I’m very much looking forward to spending time with my kids.”

The PM has two pre-teen daughters with his wife Akshata Murty. They are mostly kept out of the public eye, but Sunak occasionally shares photos of family events.

Ferrari also asked if Sunak would be “discussing climate change with the girls” on their holiday.

Sunak laughed uncomfortably, having just claimed that the UK’s record on climate is better than other countries – despite awarding hundreds of licences to drill for oil and gas in the North Sea just days ago.

“Maybe some of that,” the PM said. “We’re going to California which is where I met my wife, so it’s very special to us.”

Both Murty and Sunak studied at Stanford University.

“The kids are very excited because I’m taking them to Disneyland,” the prime minister added – quite a different destination compared to former PM Boris Johnson’s famous holiday to the private island of Mustique or to a mansion in Marbella.

Sunak said how his children had “grown out of all the princesses”, although here is bit of Star Wars which he is “very excited about”.

“They rather fear we’re going to have to spend more time there than they would like,” he added.

The prime minister also revealed that he finds the best way to relax is by “spending time with my girls, which I don’t do enough.”

“This will be really special for us. We rarely get family time – we had a night out together to see Barbie which was fun,” before explaining that he thought the feminist film was “good escapism for me – it was very pink.”


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