Simon's New Beauty Regime

Simon Cowell has been open about his beauty regime in the past but the The X Factor legend has reportedly taken vanity to a new level - by taking regular blasts of oxygen.

The music impresario, 52, inhales gasps of oxygen from a can in a bid to hold back time and maintain his looks.

"He says it helps him relax and keep the stress at bay."

Simon's LA pals are said to have introduced him to the trend which involves 10-15 minutes of oxygen therapy a day - helping users to stay young, healthy and able to fight hangovers.

Simon is no stranger to Hollywood beauty tricks and has previously admitted to using botox and vitamin injections.

During a recent interview with Jay Leno, music mogul Simon spoke enthusiastically about the health boosting injections.

He said: "These vitamins, you can feel them going through your entire body and I mean your entire body."

The talent show judge also admitted he had encouraged friends to try the treatment and gave the injections to a "well-known" star.

He revealed: "I did say to this girl, you are going to have a slightly unusual experience here.

"Then five minutes before we were going to go on air she was in one of the dressing rooms and she actually had two orgasms during it."

An amused Simon added: "True story. You should try it."


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