17/02/2012 16:52 GMT | Updated 17/02/2012 16:56 GMT

Cat Tattooed By Russian Pet Owner Timur Rimut Sparking Outrage

Cat owner Timur Rimut from Russia tattooed his hairless pet with matching body art, in a video that animal lovers are likely to find upsetting.

The tattoo artist from Tatarsan, west of Moscow, inscribed 'Carpe Diem', Latin for seize the day, around his pet cat's neck.

The collar-like design was inked onto the helpless Spynx cat while it was under anaesthetic, matching his owner's similar necklace tattoo.

The cat undergoing the tattoo

While his friend stretches the cat out, the buzzing tattoo needle gets to work, permanently branding the cat. Although a vet was present to make sure the cat wasn't harmed, the video has still provoked outrage on YouTube and social networks.

The cat's tattoo

One viewer commented "Thats horrible!The cat cant speak for himself, it is the same as a father tattooing his baby. He can love his cat but thats stupid and cruel."

Another expressed his distate saying: "How does this NOT come under animal cruelty laws? Disgusting. Typical human arrogance."

Many of the reactions are written in different languages, showing the worldwide reaction to the shocking footage.

However some didn't think that giving the cat a tattoo was altogether cruel. One Youtube user wrote:

"If I was the cat I'd much prefer a tattoo than having an each the animal feels nothing during the event but the op must be more painful perspective I don't think it's cruel"

Rimut also has a detailed tattoo of his pet's face on his bicep, the cat drawn on his arm with its new inked inscription.

It's not the first time a cat has been tattooed in Russia, cat tattoos or "cattoos" becoming a trend in the country. Oksana Popover had her Spynx cat tattooed with an intricate Tutankamun mask in 2009.

"We live in interesting times and this is a tattoo for such times," she told Russia news channel RT.