19/02/2012 09:51 GMT | Updated 20/04/2012 06:12 BST

Channel 5 Apologise After 'Body Bag' Wonga Advert Follows Whitney Houston Trailer

Channel 5 have apologised after a potentially inappropriate advert followed a trailer for a programme about the death of singer Whitney Houston.

The ad for Wonga.com, in which a puppet speaks the line "she looks better in a body bag", was shown immediately after the trailer for a 'Whitney's Addictions: Death Of A Diva', to be broadcast this week.

The tagline for the Wonga ads is "straight talking money without the drama".

Twitter users reacted angrily to the blunder, with one saying it showed a "lack of respect" for the singer.

Channel 5 have today (Monday) issued a statement, expressing their regret for the timing of the advert, with their spokesperson saying:

"We apologise if any viewers were offended by the proximity of the promotional trail for Channel 5's Whitney Houston documentary and an advert . This was an unfortunate oversight and we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that this does not happen again."

Whitney Houston died in Los Angeles last week, and her funeral was held on Saturday.

Take a look at the video, above.