21/02/2012 07:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

In Vogue: Has Rose Byrne Stolen Anna Wintour's Signature Hairstyle?

Question: Has Rose Byrne (she of Damages fame) stolen Anna Wintour's signature bob?

In Vogue: Has Rose Byrne stolen Anna Wintour's signature hairstyle? Photo: Getty

Okay, so the answer is probably yes* BUT we're not sure if it's a theft, a tribute, an homage, a shared forehead complex OR whether Anna herself sent Rose Byrne a strongly worded note implying that there would be repercussions if she didn't style herself in the manner of La Wintour in order that Rose could start attending boring engagements as the Vogue US editor and Anna could stay at home watching reruns of The West Wing and eating nachos (WHAT? It's what we would do if we had a body double).

Because, people, one does not wear THIS haircut to sit FRONT ROW at a fashion show unless one is expecting to be mistaken for Anna Wintour.

*Disclaimer: The answer could also be "no'.