21/02/2012 11:05 GMT | Updated 21/02/2012 11:23 GMT

Rio Carnival 2012: The Queen, Wayne Rooney, The Beatles And Big Ben (PICTURES)

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the biggest in the world and is held before Lent every year. It is known for its outrageous floats, streams of dancers, and scantily-clad women adorned with halos of gold, fans of peacock feathers, and glittering jewellery.

This year's celebrations are even more fantastic than usual though, due to the apparent Great Britain theme.

Queen Elizabeth II strutted along, complete with smart handbag and gloves, followed by her guards - dressed in the famous red coats and tall bearskin hats. They seemed a lot more expressive than the real ones though, as they shot poses, danced, and sang!

Also featured were banners showing Queen Elizabeth II, along with a model of the royal carriage, and a huge float decorated with the flag of the United Kingdom, carrying black taxis, red phone boxes, the Beatles, and Big Ben. Even gilded tea cups danced along in a swirl of bizarre tropical Brittania.

Elsewhere, a procession of people dressed as famous footballers included Wayne Rooney, along with the Brazilian legend Ronaldo, and hundreds of St. Georges rode along in shining armour waving flags of the English crusader cross.

Traditional Brazilian samba dancers were not neglected though. Hundreds bobbed and swayed through the stadium crowd of 70 000.