United Kingdom

Forget snakes on a plane, they're on the beach.
The supporter was reportedly unable to fly from America to the UK for this weekend's historic ceremony due to a broken leg.
The UK is navigating the effects of Brexit and other historic changes that could define its role on the world stage for years to come.
The shadow justice secretary has vowed to introduce specialist courts to deal with the backlog of cases.
The proposal could bar the sale of plastic cutlery, plates and polystyrene cups.
"Desperate people will continue to take life threatening journeys because they feel they have no choice," the SNP's Alison Thewliss told her.
The home secretary was skewered by a fellow Tory MP during an awkward exchange.
King Charles looked close to tears as the national anthem was sung in the abbey.
Queen Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren marched behind her coffin as she left Buckingham Palace one last time in a somber military pageant.
Pressure on Boris Johnson and other Western leaders to go harder against Russia.