22/02/2012 15:31 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Backstage Beauty: Meadham Kirchoff Autumn/Winter 2012

And the award for the craziest hair and makeup to hit the catwalk during London Fashion Week goes to...

meadham-kirchoff Photo: Getty Images

Without a doubt, Meadham Kirchoff. Hair in every colour, face paint, glitter... this show had it all. We went backstage to find out how Mac and Bumble & Bumble worked together to create this one-of-a-kind look for Meadham.

Makeup artist Florrie White said her inspiration was "That transvestite look. It's Boy George pre-90's and gives a nod to Kevyn Aucoin's make up style, but then I added loads of glitter. The main focus was divine intrusion".

Each of the models' looks was different, but most of the girls had a cold, hard complexion, with colourful lines painted randomly across the face. Glitter and heart stickers were also added to some the faces and necks for an extravagant, carnival feel.

However, the makeup was just half of this look. James Pecis worked with Bumble & Bumble to create his "club kid" inspired hair.

He played with the idea of having hair missing from the front of the head by applying bald caps initially, but James quickly changed his mind and chose to pull the hair back tightly from the front and swirling around in a spiral movement before the brightly wigs (there were different colours for every look) were stuck on with glue. The wigs were then backcombed and sprayed into shape.

James used Bumble & Bumble Extra Strength Holding Spray, Classic Hairspray, Does It All Styling Spray and Hair Powder to secure the wigs and add a matte finish.