22/02/2012 06:50 GMT | Updated 22/02/2012 07:43 GMT

Cat Massages Snoring Pug, Somehow Manages Not To Wake Him (VIDEO)

As anyone who's ever owned a cat will tell you, domesticated animals of the feline persuasion like 'making nests'.

Not in a collecting-twigs-and-assembling-a-circular-home way, of course... more in a kneading-and-massaging-the-surrounding-area-until-eventually-settling-down sort of a way.

And as cats can get everywhere, the places where they message can be quite unusual. Like, say, nearby pug dogs.

Pity poor Toby then, a very sleepy mutt who just wants to get some kip. His feline flatmate has taken it upon himself to give him a back rub, despite the fact that Toby is quite obviously asleep - and snoring loudly, to boot.

It's not the first time it's happened, either. A previous video uploaded by their owner, YouTuber 'newgirlrh', shows Toby properly waking up and grumbling at his overaffectionate companion.

Still, it's nice to see these two getting along so well, even with the unwanted massaging going on. Undeniable proof that cats and dogs can get on well - much like this rather extensive cats and dogs gallery, in fact.