Meet Bee Kwan-Chia, a Jane of all trades who kept her beauty business running through lockdown with the help of Square technology.
Promotional feature from Square
As a feminist, I thought I knew exactly what I'd do in a situation like this. It turns out I was wrong.
HumanKind Advent Calendar 2018: "It is so beneficial, to people who are physically, psychologically and emotionally under strain."
Some men, regardless of how assertively I state that I am not that kind of massage therapist, can get pretty pushy or aggressive
Quite what I'd managed to do in my sleep I will never know. What I do know is that I had to suffer the ultimate indignity - I lay semi clothed in my childhood bed, sent mum an SOS text and waited. 
"I don't want any help getting my baby to sleep," said no one ever.
There is one sentence in the English language which will consistently inspire awe, jealousy, anger, bewilderment and desperation
"The spa? Oh, that's just a shed in the garden," a friend quipped when I said I was going to Longueville Manor on the island
Hidden in the basement of the shiny new wing is Aman Resorts' first urban spa. Retaining the first class Aman Spa qualities and wonderful ethics of embracing nature, the chic space is styled in dark, natural woods with a tranquil Asian influenced ambience.
I walked home feeling light as a feather but filled with mixed emotions. My advice if you want this done, is to go in open minded, emotionally detached and ready for anything, Kind of like a one night stand I guess.